Thursday, September 10, 2009

Krysti - Day 3 of Weightloss Challenge

Yesterday I did not have time to commute on my trike, but fortunately I have a gym membership and was able to work out for about an hour. This morning I got up a few minutes late and was running late for work. I was rethinking riding my trike for fear that I was going to be late, and considered driving instead. I decided to go ahead and ride my trike. Whew! What a workout. I went 10 miles in only 25 minutes. That was an all-time record for me. My legs were burning like crazy the whole time as I tried to stay at a steady 18 mph. When I got off my trike I was sweating like a pig and my legs were wobbly, but guess what! I made it on time. I think I am going to be super sore tomorrow, so I'm planning on hitting the gym at night to work my upper body. I feel like I accomplished something awesome today. I haven't pushed my body that hard since I ran the hurdles in track my senior year! If pushing myself that hard doesn't make me very sore I am going to push myself that hard all the time! Wedding dress here I come!

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