Sunday, September 6, 2009

The 30 day triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 1

Hello everyone in the triking world. I'm Sonia Guy, wife of Ashley Guy from Utah Trikes. The reason I started this Challenge for myself and anyone else who would like to join me is because I need to get serious about getting in shape again. I've only been riding sporadically over the Summer. I can list every excuse under the sun from a broken surface well to out of town guests, but what it comes down to is that they are only excuses. Riding a trike makes me feel good about myself and makes my body feel better as well.
I love to do those aerobic workouts on DVD, they are so high energy and exciting with the pumped up hosts, I burn a lot of calories when I do them, but I'm left with a soar hip from all the gyrations and a sore knee from a previous injury. Triking is easy on my body and helps me feel great all over. I'm about to go out for a ride. It's Sunday evening of Labor Day Weekend. That would be an awesome excuse. The truth is that I don't have to go out very long or ride very fast or hard. I have my trike in the garage and it's all set. So, I'm gonna change into my riding clothes and go. Join with me and together we'll feel better and happier that we can have control over our bodies and our time!
So, I'm back, I left at around 6:30 and I promised my baby I would only be out for 30 minutes. I feel great. I'm just a little sweaty and just breathing a little heavier than normal. It wasn't a big deal. The older kids didn't even know I was gone. I saw a few neighbors out for a walk and one neighbor who was watering his lawn told me that he really wants a trike. My hot pink Catrike Villager is super cute! I'm sure anyone would want it, but it's mine and was built especially for me. Now I can go back to hanging out with my family knowing that I did something good for myself.

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