Friday, September 18, 2009

The 30 Day Triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 13

Today is day 13 of my Challenge already. I went for a second ride yesterday afternoon and as I was turning a corner I saw that one of my neighbors was being helped into his house by his adult children. He had shoulder surgery yesterday and they had not told anyone. This morning after my ride my little girl wanted to make zucchini bread. We decided to make muffins for my neighbor and his wife. The kids made a card and we took some warm muffins over. I was just so glad that I went on that ride yesterday afternoon. It gave us a chance to do something nice for someone. It really is interesting what you will notice when riding around. The weather is beautiful and it's not so hot anymore in the afternoon. It's perfect weather for going out and getting some exercise, and maybe get a chance to do something nice for a neighbor!

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