Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 30 Day Triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 5

So, I got a flat today! I have never had a flat before. It's kind of weird but true. After I was done riding, I decided to go up a couple streets one last time. I saw someone I knew, so I braked and turned a little bit to say hi and seconds later my trike felt lopsided. I had no patch kit on me and wouldn't have known how to use one anyway, so I had to pull my trike home. It took an extra 20 minutes or so. So, I got a bigger workout than I had planned on. I still felt great after doing it! I had never changed a tire, so when I got home I watched the Utah Trikes You Tube Video about how to change a tire and did it myself. Well, I had my little boys help me, so they could learn how to do it also. It wasn't too hard, for it being my first time. From now on I'll make sure to carry a patch kit. I guess you have to learn to be your own mechanic in an emergency no matter what. Oh, did I mention that I've lost 3 pounds over the last 5 days? I feel good and I'm going to look better also. That is so awesome! You can do it too. Just get out there and have some fun and don't forget your patch kit!

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