Friday, September 11, 2009

The 30 Day Triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 6

I'm still at it! I'm having a great time getting out there! I thought it would be difficult for me to do this every day seeing that I'm quite busy with the children during the day. Getting out in the morning has proven to be the best for me so far. When I got back, I wasn't quite ready to go inside. So, the children and I checked on our garden. We collected many zucchinis and some tomatoes. We made zucchini muffins and an omelet with fresh vegetables for breakfast. Spending more time outside helps me appreciate nature's bounty and I noticed that one of my neighbors isn't eating the plums off his tree. Now I know who to ask for fresh plums. I hope you will all have a fun and safe weekend on your trikes. Feel free to send Utah Trikes pictures of you getting out and enjoying the weather!

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