Monday, October 26, 2009

StreetStrider - Elliptical on Wheels

One of the most exciting things that I saw at this years InterBike convention saw the StreetStrider. And I immediately knew that we would have to bring these in.

While technically a trike (it has three wheels after all), the StreetStrider is unlike anything else we carry. The StreetStrider ETX is an elliptical machine that you can actually ride in the street. It was developed with the Biggest Loser TV show and has been field tested by them.

The cool thing about the StreetStrider is that you get a full body workout while riding outside. It's quite efficient too! Bryce got it up to 27MPH on flat ground on his first ride.

The StreetStrider ETX model is foldable and can be used indoors with a trainer for double duty. Steering is done by leaning which is about the only thing that takes a little getting used to.

At $1999 it is not inexpensive, but the quality and the utility definitely justify the price.

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