Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sidewinder front-wheel drive trikes

Utah Trikes is please to add Sidewinder Cycles to our trike lineup. We've had many customers ask us about the Sidewinder trikes and so we finally had to take a look. And, when we did we liked what we saw!

When looking at different trikes we look for things that are distinct and will add to our ability to serve our customers' needs. The Sidewinder trikes offer many unique characteristics that are not found on other trikes we offer. These tadpole trikes are front-wheel drive and rear wheel steering. That means you can travel on many different terrains and manueverability is incredible. The Sidewinder models also feature high seat heights, weight capacities over 400lbs, and are all foldable.

We are currently waiting for our first shipment to come in and will be filling in all the details soon. In the meantime, we couldn't wait to put up a Sidewinder page featuring the three Sidewinder models.

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