Sunday, October 4, 2009

The 30 Day Triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 29

Today was day 29 of the Triking Challenge! It started out as an okay day with just a few sprinkles. I made brunch for the family and I finished painting today. There was just a little left to do. I knew that I had to go out for my ride and by the time I got out it was sprinkling again. By the time I got up the street it was pouring and totally windy. It was still very beautiful.
The only part of my ride that I dislike is when a certain dog comes chasing after me while I am riding. It is just so annoying and not very safe for the dog. I usually have to speed up a ton when I pass that house, so I guess it's good for me in the end. It helps me realize that I could have been going faster all along. I hope the weather holds up for the next few weeks. I will be fine as long as it doesn't snow. It's still too warm for the snow to stick for very long anyway. I figure that I have at least 6 weeks of riding before it's too cold and snowy. Tomorrow will be a great day for a trike ride!

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