Monday, October 5, 2009

The 30 Day Triking Challenge with Sonia Guy Day 30

Today is day 30 of my Triking Challenge. I went for a trike ride every day for 30 days. Today was a cloudy day, but it was quite lovely. It was not windy in the morning and it wasn't freezing. I stopped and took a few pictures of my favorite sights on my ride. When I started 30 days ago it was so warm still and the fields were full of alfalfa and corn. Summer is long gone and we're in the middle of autumn now. Some days it feels like winter in a warmer place.
The reason I started this challenge was so I could get some exercise without hurting my body so much. I had a sore hip and knee from doing aerobics. I put on quite a bit of weight this year and I can't jump up and down as much without hurting. I got a hot pink Catrike Villager as a gift from Ashley and I love it. This was the trike that I used for most of the 30 days. My knee and my hip don't hurt as much and I've lost 7 pounds. I feel better about myself and I feel healthier. I've also gained a better appreciation for the world we live in. It's so beautiful and serene outside. Getting exercise outside is so much better than indoors. I've had a chance to be alone with my thoughts and nature. I appreciate where we live a lot more, it's really quite breathtaking in this little part of the world.
I know winter is on its way, but it hasn't arrived quite yet! I still have a few weeks of triking before the snow sticks. I'm already looking forward to next spring and to riding all next summer. It's good to have something to look forward to. To everyone who is riding their trike every day or almost every day, keep it up! Triking is good for your body, your mind ,and good for the environment. I'll be checking in with you soon.

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