Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Nuvinci Drive Coming Soon

The guys from Fallbrook Technologies came by today to demo their new drive. That was quite a surprise for us. The new drive is awesome!

The Nuvinci 360 will be available in May (don't ask for an exact date) and has many improvements. We'll get the datasheet posted at some point but here are the highlights from memory:

3lbs lighter - This new drive is smaller and lighter and looks great.
Wider gear range - 360% (hence the name)
Much better shifter - This is a big one. No more clunky external box. Shifter mechanism is inside the hub area now and not sticking out the axle.
Uses standard Shimano cogs - No more freewheels means cheaper gear changes. It also means it won't work with the gas engines without some serious mods.
Improved shifting - 3/4 turn from end to end range instead of 1-1/2 turns. and it is way easier to turn under load.

This is going to be great and I think I will actually start pushing this drive. I was pretty impressed. And, pricing will be cheaper too, so it's a win win.


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