Monday, April 12, 2010

TerraTrike Debuts Revolutionary New Trike Named “The Rover”

Kentwood, MI (April 12, 2010) – TerraTrike announced today the highly anticipated new trike named “The Rover”. The trike, which features a higher seat, tighter turning radius and modular frame design, is being highly praised by both industry leaders and customers.

“This is the culmination of over 2 years of development and fine tuning”, says Mike Kessenich, Chief Operations Officer. “We’ve been listening to all of our dealers and customers and have come up with a model that takes all of their concerns out of the equation.’”

The Rover features a seat height equal to a standard folding chair, a turning radius that is tighter than most 2 wheeled bikes, a custom decal pack for color personalization and an easily collapsible frame that allows one to store or transport it in the trunk of most cars. “There are 5 bolts and the whole thing comes apart in to 4 easily storable pieces” says Kessenich.

Another feature is the quick-adjust seat and boom. “Not only will our dealers love this because they now only have to stock one size, but riders who share a trike with multiple family members can now ride the same trike,” says Sales Coordinator Ben Williams. “The trike adjusts in a second and will also accommodate riders up to 400 pounds in weight.”

The Rover comes in a 3 speed version for $799 and an 8 speed version for $999.

The Rover comes standard with disc brakes, Sturmey Archer hubs, direct steering and a nylon seat covering. The lack of any chain idlers also contributes to the quietness of the ride. It also has a full 4 inches more ground clearance than their other models.

“Response has been huge already. We debuted it to our dealers last month and have nearly sold out of them with pre-orders. We’ve had to scramble to get more before they’ve even been announced.” Says Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director. “We’ve been riding this trike for several months now and it’s become my new favorite trike. It’s remarkable how stable, fast and fun it is.” He adds, “And with a price tag of only $799, we’ve brought affordable triking to the masses.”

TerraTrike will have the Rover in stock in mid May but are taking pre-orders starting today. Visit for more information and videos.

For additional information on WizWheelz or TerraTrikes, contact Jeff Yonker, Marketing Director, at (800) 945-9910 or visit

ABOUT WIZWHEELZ INC. - WizWheelz Inc. is headquartered in Kentwood, Michigan and is one of the largest manufacturers of recumbent trikes in the world. The TerraTrike brand has been manufactured for over 14 years and they maintain one of the industry’s most extensive sales and support systems, with over 90 distributors and dealers in multiple countries. Product and distributor information is available on the TerraTrike website at www., or by calling (616) 455-5988 or 1-800-945-9910.


  1. I love what you've done with the Rover.
    I love my Rover, too.

    But with its 400lb load limit what it really needs is a rack similar to an xtracycle freeloader or a terracycle cargo monster - except without moving the rear wheel back any further. Since the seat has such a wide range of positions it would be possible to move it forward to accommodate a lot of cargo back there with the rear wheel right where it is. I wanna strap the weight low, not up over the wheel like them wedgie riders carry it. most of the racks available have all the attachment points way up over the wheel. But I still want mount points for lights up over the wheel. And it would be nice if I could sit a lumper on it when I had to.

  2. I saw your videos on the recumbent blog & thought I'd check out your website & blog. I have added you to the trails network blogroll and look forward to someday stopping by your shop when I ride some Utah trails.
    In the meantime, I hope you and your readers get a chance to check out some very trike-friendly trails on the trailsnet website.

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  7. I heard about these, they are similar to recumbent bikes, no? Either way, I wasn't surprised to hear they sold out!

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