Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catrike Extension Kits Are Now In Stock!

We started the design work nearly six months ago and after 6 prototypes and help from Catrike came up with the perfect wheel extension that will fit on all 2005 and later 20-inch wheel models. It's great when we can come up with a product that so many people have been asking for and have it turn out so nice.

Our Catrike Extension Kits are in and they look amazing. The final production version features a black anodized finish and looks great with any color Catrike. We'll have new pictures up on Monday with some awesome trike conversions. We got about 90% of the preorders shipped out on Friday and will have the rest shipped off this week.

The Extension Kit allows you to install a 26-inch wheel (or even a 700) on your 20-inch Catrike. This exciting upgrade option allows you to create a new trike from the stock models. The Villager with a 26-inch wheel and some beefy tires is an amazing trike!

Switching from a smaller wheel to a 26-inch rear will give you higher gearing and rolls faster and smoother. We have matching Catrike OEM wheels available as well as custom Velocity AeroHeat wheels with disc brake mounts. We also have many custom wheels with various internally geared hubs. If you already have a 26-inch wheel you can use that too!

The Extension Kit also allows you to install a rear disc brake for use as a parking or drag brake. This is a great option for turning your trike into a touring machine!

Full information on the Extension Kit is available on our website together with the various chain rerouting options and wheel choices.

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