Sunday, January 17, 2010

New 2010 ICE Lineup

The much anticipated ICE lineup for the 2010 models is coming soon. We are expecting to get the first shipment in the middle of February.

ICE has made many changes across the board. We are getting all of the new models loaded into our system this week. Some of the main changes are new foldability, front suspension option, and new standard width (replacing the old NT and Standard Track).

Many configurations will be possible for each series, so there is now a much broader price range.

The T is being replaced by the Adventure series trikes. The Q is being replaced by the Sprint series. Pricing for the different ICE Adventure and Sprint configurations is $2499-3925.

A new high-performance Vortex trike with a $3299-3899 price range is available as the ultimate ICE speed machine.

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