Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New TerraCycle Idler Kit for KMX

We had the pleasure of having Robert from TerraCycle spend the weekend with us and we decided to take advantage of his expertise. So, what happens when you get two guys together that love clean and smooth chainlines with a minimum of chain tubing? You get some incredible idler kits. One of our best modifications is the new KMX Idler Kit. This kit eliminates almost 5 feet of chain tubing while keeping the stock chain routing. And anyone that has ever broke the side plates off the stock rear power idler kit will be extremely happy with the quality of TerraCycle's idlers. These idlers will last a lifetime. The result is a smooth running chainline that is much quieter and more efficient than the stock setup.

The Kit is available with the TerraCycle Sport Idlers for $149.95 or the new Elite Idlers (Titanium and Ceramic bearings) for $249.95. The Kit includes all the parts necessary to Kustomize your KMX. For more pictures view our KMX Idler Page.

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